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Herbal Trim Tea

Special Cassie Angustifolia Herbal Tea
Regular strength.

Made in Australia

Special herbal formula blended from the highest quality herbs.

Product description
– 2 box X 30 tea bags (60gm) regular strength
– Cassia Angustifolia Herbal Tea
– Australia made
– using only 30% of imported ingredients.

– use a fresh tea bag
– place tea bag in a cup of boiling water
– leave for 5-10 mins.
– Stir well to release all the herbs.
– Remove teabag before drinking.

Suggestions to maximise tea’s benefits
– use porcelain or glass cup & utensils
– add a few drops of lemon & teaspoon of honey; this will improve flavour
– drink at room temperature
– Consume tea at once; don’t sip or drink in stages

Cassie Angustifolia Herbal Tea

– Excessive consumption of this tea may have a laxative effect.
– Drink plenty of water and increase fibre in your diet.
– do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present. Not suitable for children under 12.

Allergy advise:
May contain residual amounts of tree nuts.


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