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Duanwu Festival – 端午節

Duanwu Festival aka Dragon Boat Festival 2016 is fast approaching. Note the date 09/06/2016. Occurring on the 5th day of the 5th month on Traditional Lunar Calendar, Chinese celebrates this holiday with Dragon Boat Racing. Any Chinese Festival is not complete without a special traditional cuisine or delicacy. For Duanwu Festival, it is the Zhong Zi (粽子/肉粽).

All the ingredients needed to make the Zhongzi is now available at Burwood Highway Asian Grocery. Important ingredients like Bamboo Leaves, Glutinous Rice, dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Black-eyed beans, and Chestnuts are all in-stock. Optional ingredients like Red bean paste, and lotus paste are also available. What are you waiting for? If you are craving traditional Zhongzi and can’t find it anywhere, learn to make them yourself! With all the ingredients available, a taste of home is only that far away.


Bamboo Leaves

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